About Us

About Us

Positive Directions is a non-profit organization in Wichita, Kansas committed to the prevention of HIV transmission. We aim to increase access to sexual health resources and improve knowledge in the community about HIV, STDs, and safer sex practices.


Our History

Positive Directions began in Wichita, Kansas in 1992. For the first 24 years, our services were targeted toward HIV positive individuals. Our case management, food pantry, and testing services provided resources to meet the needs of HIV positive community members. 


In the past two years, the mission and vision of Positive Directions has shifted to focus on HIV prevention. Our outreach services aim to connect people with the resources they need to be informed about sexual health, to reduce risky behaviors, and to adopt consistent safer sex practices. 

Free Rapid HIV Test!

PDI is open 9-4 M-F and offers FREE HIV testing. Results in just 20 minutes! 

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